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Multimodal Communications

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Assignment 1a: Photo Essay - “Relation, Movement, Flow”
Go see the world! In this assignment your task is to tell a story with as little degree of reliance on written language as possible. Once again, the proliferation of relatively inexpensive photographic devices is such that the production, dissemination and archivization of images has become both a fantastic opportunity for personal expression and an emerging market for corporate capital. There has been an explosion of photographic imagery, in turn, but to what degree are we capable of using this imagery towards developing narrative? How do we see other? How do we shift our gaze such that we are capable of seeing outside the customary flows of vision?

In this assignment you will develop a short photo essay of 6-8 photos on a topic connected to the broad theme of "Relation." Each photo must be labeled with a caption of no more than 10 words. In addition, you will include a 1-2 paragraph written synopsis of the photo essay summarizing the story. Submit as a PowerPoint document, Facebook page, or Flickr album.

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Assignment 1b: Audio Podcast - “Relation, Movement, Flow”
We have discussed the pioneering position that music has played in developing a contemporary electronic remix culture. And now, the technical apparatus (recording, software, bandwith) is such that audio-based podcasts may be created more readily than ever. In this assignment you will create a 3-5 minute podcast related to the topic of "Movement and Flow." It must contain your recorded voice and at minimum one other audio element (eg. music, archived interview, sound effect, recorded ambient sound object, etc.). These elements must be mixed together to form the final audio text, to be submitted as an MP3 file via Moodle.

Assignment 2: Collaborative Wiki Fiction
Assignment Topic: TBD collaboratively during residency
Your grade will be split into two components: one half for your personal contributions to the story (measured in quantity, quality and style) and one half for the overall class grade, a score each class member will receive based on the quality of the storyworld, the development of character, location and plot, and other features of traditional fiction. This assignment will require diverse talents in writing, editing, design, technical structure, etc., and so it is imperative that each student contribute to their strengths while attempting to overcome their weaknesses.

Assignment 3: Video
Assignment Topic: “World Politics Across Cultures: An Event Past, Present or Future”
The intent during this course was to engage communication in a multimodal sense, but also in as embodied a sense as possible. As such, multiple modes have also meant multiple technologies of inscription in the broader media ecosystem, and thus multiple interfaces between our organic selves and the technologized world in which we exist. In this final assignment we will conclude this interrogation with the videocamera and a short video production.

You will produce a 3-5 minute video on the topic of a current or emerging future world event of your choice, using all original footage. The footage must be edited together with the following elements: multiple cuts, an audio track (ambient, spoken, music), transitions, and opening/closing credits. Other elements are optional, as is the genre of video narrative. Submitted as MOV, AVI, or WMV file via Moodle. A list of available software packages, may of them open source, is available here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_editing_software

Assignment 4 Essay: At the threshold of analog and digital
Assignment Topic: “Embodiment and Expression in Multimodal Ecologies”
The final essay for this course is intended to synthesize an entire course’s worth of embodied experience at the interface between body and technique. What constituted the phenomenon of communication from the perspective of our sense modalities? What did it feel like to communicate? How can we relate this intensely personal understanding to the philosophy of multimodal communication we have developed this semester?

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