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Disaster Management Wiki Assignment

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The Assignment:


Using a wiki platform, teams will complete a series of three learning tasks:

  1. review the academic literature on heat waves, to understand the hazard, and associated risk and vulnerability;
  2. analyze the problem through a disaster management lens, with a specific focus on disaster risk reduction; and
  3. make a set of recommendations, grounded in the literature, for disaster and emergency management practitioners on how to reduce the risk associated with heat waves.

The content of the wiki is expected to be of academic quality, and appropriately referenced. In text and reference lists citations must be in APA format, and visual or other media must also have appropriate APA referencing. To help your team with planning, the expected time you should devote to each task is noted.


Advance Preparation for the assignment:


Getting Started with Wikis (estimated time: 2 hours)
Each team member should begin by reviewing the learning resources on building and working with wikis, located in the team assignment description in the course site. Once all team members have completed this task, you can then set up your wiki. Your first wiki tasks are:

  1. Collectively decide on a creative name for your wiki.
  2. Assign one person to create the wiki, and invite other team members to join.
  3. Agree on, and create the structure for your wiki. A recommended structure is provided in Appendix A of this assignment., however you are free to create your own structure.
  4. Individually create your first wiki posting, a short one paragraph bio, and attach a photo.
  5. Collaboratively create a page that outlines your team process rules, or ethical code. You might want to begin by brainstorming on a page, and then start to refine and edit your list, ultimately creating your team process charter. This task will help your team learn to work in wiki space.
  6. Collaborative create a home page for the wiki. Wikis can be viewed publicly, though you can set access restrictions. Think of this as the cover of a book, or home page on a web site. The professional tone that you set for the wiki should be evident throughout the site.
  7. Decide on whether you will use a wiki page or the team wiki discussion forum as the place for your online team discussion about the assignment, and as the place to record meeting times, decisions, participants etc.
  8. You are now set to complete the remainder of your learning tasks for this assignment.


Marking Rubric


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